Talking Santa


Talk to Santa Claus and he'll repeat what you say


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Talking Santa is similar to the classic Talking Tom Cat app, but instead of talking to the nice cat, Tom, you get to interact with the jolly old St. Nick.

As in the other apps of this style, you talk into your device's microphone to hear Santa Claus repeat everything you say with a slightly distorted voice that, in theory, should be pretty funny. In addition, you can press some of the buttons on the screen to make your pot-bellied character complete actions like eat cookies or drink milk.

You can even record a video of everything you make Santa do during a few seconds, and then automatically upload it to Youtube or Facebook. It's as simple as pushing a record button and letting St. Nick do his thing for a little while.

Talking Santa is a fun app that is especially appropriate for the holiday season. In fact, from the app, you can quickly send personalized Christmas cards.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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